Training and graduate studies office

Training has always being raised as an important tool for improvement and sublimation of organizations. Its purpose is to provide new knowledge and skills against the challenges which the organization is currently facing or will face in future. Nowadays, training is an inevitable matter that will ultimately lead to cultural richness and society’s excellence. Furthermore, keeping pace with the fast-paced world of science and technology and also the evolution of function in complex organizations is achieved through human training. In this regard, the training and graduate studies department of the Institute, with the aim of improving the intellectual level and knowledge of staff, developing the specialized knowledge and increasing the efficiency of in-house and outside staff, has expanded its training programs and will consider the following topics:
  • Conducting educational needs assessment
  • Holding educational workshops, seminars, short-term and long-term courses whether in-house or external
  • Planning and developing specialized courses for the Institute’s employees based on the needs assessment
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of previously held courses
  • Education process pathology
  • Documentation and providing a data bank for previously held courses
  • Holding apprenticeship courses for quality control managers in cooperation with the Research Centers of the institute
  • Holding courses and workshops regularly according to the annual calendar
  • Increasing trainings through the use of E-Learning at the national level
Graduate studies in Standard Research Institute
In order to develop and strengthen graduate courses, train experts familiar with modern science and help to solve our country’s problems, the Institute, after obtaining license from the Council of Higher Education Development, has taken action to accept and train students of Ph.D. in Food Industries and Mechanical Engineering.

Purposes and activities
The Office of Graduate Studies in Standard Research Institute pursues the following objectives along with its duties:
  • Training specialists in order to improve and promote standardization in national and international levels.
  • Aligning and directing Ph.D. thesis to solve the issues related to standardization in national and international levels.
  • Training efficient specialists in order to meet the needs of our country, academic and research centers.
  • Defining new academic fields in graduate levels in accordance with the needs of Standard National Organization.
Research-based Ph.D. fields of study in 2012
1-mechanical engineering
1-1- Manufacturing and production trend
1-2- Applied designing trend (Dynamics of solids)
1-3- Automotive Engineering-Propulsion
2- Food industries
2-1- Food Microbiology
2-2 Food chemistry
3-1 Organic chemistry
3-2 Analytical chemistry
3-3 Textile engineering