Consultancy in Standard Research Institute

Through an effort to increase the quality of goods and services, standardization plays an important role in development of industry and economy. In order to standardize the manufacturing, industrial and service oriented units, the scientific and research consultant section of standard research institute has been established with an aim to make relations with industry and give research, training and consultancy services towards the improvement of quality and standardization. 
The consultancy section of standard research institute moves towards fulfilling the scientific and research needs in manufacturing and industrial sector of our country using technical knowledge of standardization, experienced experts, regarding the national standard resources, referring to standard and equipped laboratories.
Consultation services are provided in the following areas:

  • Training services and knowledge growth
  • Establishing and eliminating the defects of laboratories in manufacturing units
  • Establishing the quality systems
  • Developing international, national and factory standards based on applied research
  • Technical consultations in order to increase the efficiency, modifying production process and waste reduction
  • Conformity assessment of production units
  • Standardization of products and services indicators and quality control and evaluation
  • Quality rate determination
  • Facilitating the standardization process of production units and obtaining standard license for using the standard sign